Bill’s Birthday and Other Deep Thoughts

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am in Rockport. It’s cloudy and windy so I don’t feel like going fishing, and Gayle Kelly Foos left me…..(for 10 days to visit her elderly mother in Wichita) so I’m all alone with my computer. What could possibly go wrong? I guess I’ll need to fill my time by writing pithy musings about stuff. I’ve always had pithy thoughts, according to me, but the world was spared from my witticisms because I couldn’t type. I tried to take typing in school, but the teacher informed me I was by far the worst typing student she had ever seen and suggested shop class so I could learn a trade. And she had taught people with no hands! I thought about sending a copy of my Doctoral degree to her, but I still couldn’t have typed the address label (it’s not true that I married Gayle, a typing teacher by the way, so she would type my dissertation). Look at me now! I’m a regular Tammy the Typist. Now, I guess I should talk about what spurred my witty musings today.
A friend from my past had a birthday a few days ago. Bill Werth and I were roommates for about a year or so when we were 18. We’ve known each other since Kindergarten in LaCrosse. His birthday is on April Fool’s Day so everyone always remembered it, even without Facebook reminders. Lucky him. He and his family moved to the big city of Wichita and some time later, so did I. We remained friends because we are from a small town and that’s what you do. During that time in our lives being responsible meant making sure we had enough money for bail when we went out on Saturday nights. Lets just say that was a very good idea, and leave it at that.
Remembering his birthday reminded me of that time in our lives when everything was possible. We definitely lived in the moment and for the moment every moment of the day. But despite that, we both turned out to lead fruitful and successful lives filled with family and good friends. I do believe no one who knew us then would have predicted that outcome for either of us.
I am much older now, but as far as my thoughts, wants, desires and dreams, I feel almost exactly the same (so I am really 18, but there is just something really bad the matter that makes me have bad eyesight, poor hearing, walk slowly, and have a heart that may be a ticking time bomb). I have found some truisms, though. Here are a few. See if you agree:
1. Those who say that with age comes wisdom has never met me or any of my friends; or I’m not yet old enough. Yeah, that must be it.
2. Whenever there is a chance to not open your mouth, take it; especially if the conversation is about politics, religion or sex. This one was learned the hard way. Too bad I couldn’t have just read it in a book and absorbed the information.
3. Alcohol consumption does NOT make you witty. Another hard lesson.
Well, that’s enough. The sun just came out! A buddy just texted that he is at the pool with a drink in hand and needs company. I just need to remember #3; and check to see if I have enough for bail.
Happy birthday, Bill.

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