Passover: The Memorial Day of Jewish Holidays

Shalom everyone and happy Passover from Jim the Honorary Jew. Passover actually started last night at dusk. This is one of the big ones as far as Jewish holidays go. Well, not The big one, but more like Memorial Day as opposed to the 4th of July. This is the celebration of the Jews liberation from slavery in Egypt. Like most of our holidays, this one lasts a few days (a week for reformed and 1 extra day for Orthodox because they need that extra day to get all the praying in and make up for the reformers). We Jews (and honorary Jews) like to get the most out of all the holidays.
We all watched Charleton Heston lead the Tribe out of Egypt in the movie Exodus, so most of us have heard of Passover. It sometimes falls near Easter, so most Christians think it probably think it has something to do with Jesus, but with some kind of Jewish twist. And Seder, which was celebrated last night, is probably just Easter dinner without ham. That would be wrong. Some of us would know (if we looked it up in Wickepdia) that Passover refers to the last of the 10 plagues that God used on the Egyptians to help them make up their minds that slavery wasn’t such a good idea. The tenth plague was the death of every Egyptian first-born son. Israelites marked their doorsteps with lamb’s blood so God would pass over their houses. Then, when it was time to leave Egypt, the Israelites didn’t even have time to wait for their bread to rise, so they ate unleavened bread, just like during Seder.
So there you go; another very interesting story marking my grandchildren’s Jewish heritage. So when you see one of your Jewish friends at work or school this week you can wow him or her with your encyclopedic (or Wickapedic) knowledge of Jewish tradition. Of course they may be off work in celebration and you will just have to be jealous. Until next time, Shalom from Jim the Honorary Jew.

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