A Love Story

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May 25, 2016

Today Gayle and I celebrate our 42nd anniversary (Foos Family; established, 1974). Happy anniversary too my sweetheart! I love you. Can you believe that we’ve been married over twice as long as we haven’t? We share a delusion in which we spy someone our own age and both agree that they look much older than we do. That is a pretty good pastime that you can only share with someone you’ve known forever. So let’s get one thing straight: It’s all Gayle’s fault. First, you wouldn’t be reading this if she hadn’t signed me up on FB because I kept bugging her to see what was going on in Facebook world. Who knew I would write tomes every so often. When I’m not working, I try to limit the number of words I speak per day to about 88. I usually don’t have to worry about going over the limit. And yet, when I have something to say on FB the sky is the limit. Okay, back to the story.

If you know us you probably know we met when we were 15. Gayle says that I was after her friend, and that was partly true. Gayle and her girlfriend, Debbie Parker (the good looking redhead) were glamorously eating French Fries with mustard at the local drug store lunch counter. Donnie Rogers was hot for the redhead and talked me into going with him to try to pick her up. I think he brought me along to show how tall and handsome he was, like standing with the ugly girls at the prom so you look better. When I saw Gayle daintily dipping her fries in the mustard I was hooked. Although you could blame Donnie for that one, its was really Gayle’s fault for being there and being so cute.

Now, fast forward a few years. We didn’t go together all that time between the great Drug Store liaison and getting married at the ripe old age of 20. She went off to college without me. So it was her fault I followed her and enrolled in school a year later. And it was definitely her fault we got married. She said yes, after all. Since then our marriage has been a series of great adventures we have experienced together. How many of you have lived in eight states and not been in the Witness Protection Program?

It is absolutely her fault I earned a doctorate. She supported and encouraged me to pursue my goals and she typed my dissertation (I definitely don’t recommend that. Ask her how to spell “appendix” without the benefit of the search and replace option in the very early word processors).
Of course it was her fault we had children. Look at that picture. She was hotter than Debbie Parker! And it was her fault they grew up healthy and happy. I was gone a lot with my job. She often described her life as a single mother with money. I got to be the fun Dad who came home and played on the weekends. Now both Michon and Lindsey have their own families, Master’s degrees and careers. I would love to take credit for that but it’s really all Gayle’s fault.

It’s also her fault our grandchildren think their grandparents are pretty hot stuff. She makes sure we FaceTime often, visit whenever we can, and always bring presents.
And we’re still married. Today Gayle holds down three full-time jobs. She is an awesome realtor. She also is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Office at James A. Foos, Psy.D. & Associates. But her most difficult full-time job is taking care of me. I guess I’ll keep her for our next adventure.

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