The Foos/Simanoff Union: The Reason there is an Honorary Jew

Happy anniversary to our daughter Michon Foos Simanoff and son-in-law Lee Simanoff. I think it’s their 13th or 14th, but who’s counting. This liaison is the reason I have anointed myself an honorary Jew. From the very beginning of their relationship it seemed to be destined to a solid future. I remember that Michon wanted us to meet this special guy (Dad, he’s just like you, except he’s smart, tall and good looking). Although Lee couldn’t tell it, I was impressed. I was into projecting the “Be good to our daughter or you won’t like the consequences” demeanor. But when he asked for our blessing to marry Michon, Gayle Kelly Foos and I were both thrilled. And since that day we gained a son.
Not only did we gain a son, we gained a new family who welcomed us with open arms. Lee’s mother, Ann Simanoff, father , Don Simanoff and brothers Michael and Dave Simanoff and more recently Britt Shirley graciously share holidays and vacation time we have together. We truly have become good friends. But now there are grandchildren to be shared. We all agree that Ryland and Max are two of the most special boys ever. Michon and Lee only half-heartedly joke that we have stopped coming to see them; we are just in it for the grandkids. While that’s not entirely true, it absolutely is a big selling point. We all share religious holidays. Who else gets Seder and Easter dinner; and Christmas and Hanukkah, too?(that Kosher thing, though, is little too hard for me, being a member of Bacon Nation). We are quite the multicultural stew.
So, everyone that knows Michon and Lee be sure and with them a happy 13th or 14th (I think) anniversary. They will be celebrating in high style. The evening starts with soccer practice and is then highlighted by a a romantic dinner at Chick-Fil-A. Perfect!

Happy anniversary you two, and many more.
Love, Mom and Dad

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