A Grandparent’s Love Has No Rules

Those who say money can’t buy love obviously don’t have grandchildren. It’s amazing what $6 worth of candy and a couple of stuffed animals will do to enhance the extra-generational bond. Parents don’t necessarily agree with our philosophy that more is more, but when we are in town they can only throw their hands up in frustration.
Needless to say, our trip to Florida has been a resounding success. We have many more pictures, but one grandson insists that they not be published without his express written permission because it would destroy his private life. Although I’m pretty sure I’m not Facebook friends with any of his friends, he isn’t willing to take that chance with his popularity. So off we go, heading back to Texas with only a few tears in our eyes. Goodbye boys. Take good care of your parents.

Gayle’s Birthday and other Mushy Stuff

Happy birthday to my sweetheart (that’s you, Gayle). We are finally the same age again. You are still the prettiest girl I know, and the only one who will tolerate me even when I eat garlic (that’s a not so long and uninteresting story in itself). You still make me tingle in the same way you did when I first met you at the ripe age of 15, sitting at the lunch counter of the local drugstore eating mustard-dipped French fries. Today we celebrate like we almost always celebrate our birthdays, by going to work. Even though our jobs keep us 100 miles apart today, I be thinking of you. This weekend we are off on another adventure and also get to see half of our children and grandchildren. Maybe we can practice being retired, sort of.
I love you the same as always, a whole bunch (no, flowers weren’t attached to this note. Buying gifts for each other is another story, also not very interesting. We usually celebrate with trips to make sure our children have less of an inheritance and have to keep putting up with us until we die or run out of money. No, they don’t get to choose which comes first. That’s a parent’s prerogative. Let’s just say we have plans that may be considered squatting in some major cities).

Oh, in case you didn’t know or have a secret admirer who you met when at the local drugstore at age 15 and hasn’t told you happy birthday today, this is Jim, your husband.